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We promise not to clog up your inbox but it would be great to know a little about you, and we will keep you up to date with our progress, every now and then.

Our Journey

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 impacting people, businesses and the environment; we have felt impressed to accelerate our efforts to support the growing number of people with thoughts and desires to change the world for the better.

Everyday people stranded in isolation who are bursting with ideas and/or seeking ideas and inspiration. Scientists; looking for skilled and like-minded people so they can collaborate and come up with solutions and cures for a host of global challenges. Aspiring business owners looking for ways to function and operate successfully regardless of the global landscape.

The list goes on - Epich is a story likely shared by many around the world. Our journey consists of 5 people; spread across 2 continents, living in 3 different countries; dealing with 4 different time-zones. We share similar interests; and have a passion for family, technology, adventure and business. We're individuals working full-time jobs, with family responsibilities, life commitments & various hobbies and challenges that motivate, inspire and keep us on our toes.

We're a team of aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs with a desire to build and create a platform capable of helping others achieve their startup dreams; regardless of location or perceived lack of ability and resources. We've bonded together through our sincere belief that we can bring the entrepreneurial world into the digital realm.  Deliberately building and continuously improving a platform capable of adapting to customer needs.

By doing so, we hope to make entrepreneurship accessible and easier not only now, but for the next generation of innovators and dream chasers to come. Enabling people to connect and bring their ideas to life; ultimately leading the way forward for generations to come.

What Is Epich?

An online entrepreneurial platform that provides freedom, resources and flexibility to aspiring or experienced entrepreneurs around the world. Take the pain out of getting started and making progress; while helping people bring their startup dreams to life!

Check Out Our Video

If you haven't seen our short video yet, we invite you to use the next 3-mins and 56-seconds of your day/night to watch it here. It'll be time well spent. This short video captures the essence of what Epich aims to achieve; and what you can expect to gain by registering and becoming part of the entrepreneurial revolution!

What Are The Benefits?

Securely Store Ideas

Secure journal to keep track of your ideas and interests. Let's face it - Most entrepreneurs have more than one interest

Connect With Other Entrepreneurs

Search and connect by city, country, region or internationally. Epich is the world’s first dedicated digital door-way; capable of bringing entrepreneurs together.

Build Teams

Leverage the power of Epich to identify, filter and build your team; enabling you to collaborate with like-minded people who share your passion

Developer Your Pitch

Conveniently embedded as part of the Epich platform so you can efficiently keep all your work and progress in one place

Global Mentor Program

Epich has worked hard to earn the trust and support of these inspiring individuals. Access their expertise and knowledge to help you and your team progress

Secure Funding

The ability to reach out to Venture Capitalists and/or private investors (when you think you're ready) through our easy to use platform


Affordable and sustainable with NO pre-admissions test to complete in order to join Epich

Options & Flexibility

Ability to access multiple startup projects depending on your level of membership


You maintain full control of your business – NOT Epich. We provide the platform and support to help you and your team succeed


24/7 via a solid internet connection, you can start anytime from anywhere. No longer restricted to a startup accelerator program, calendar or location

Register Now For Early Access

We promise not to clog up your inbox but it would be great to know a little about you, and we will keep you up to date with our progress, every now and then.